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*We'll only re-switch you when your new deal ends if we can save you at least £50 for gas and electricity switches, £25 for electricity only, and £15 if you have a prepayment meter.

Common questions

You should be able to find your tariff name on a recent energy bill or you could contact your energy supplier and they’ll tell you. We would like to know the name of your tariff so we can calculate your savings accurately however, you can still switch by using our household calculator. If you have an energy bill and would like us to take a look for you please contact our team at and we’ll be happy to help.

We keep the service completely free by taking a commission from the companies that we switch you to at no extra cost to you. We will always display the cheapest deal that we can find and only work with suppliers that provide quality customer service.

You don't need to contact your old supplier, the new supplier does that for you. All you need to do is give your new supplier a meter reading when they request it, around the switch date. They'll send the meter reading onto your old supplier so that they can produce your final bill. If you have built up any credit, your old supplier will refund that to you.

You can find out your energy usage on a recent bill. It is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh). For the most accurate comparison, take the usage from your bill and enter it into the kWh box. If you don’t have a bill to hand, tell us how much you spend per month or if you don’t know that either, we’ve provided an estimator based on questions such as how many bedrooms you have.

You can switch from a fixed tariff at any point, but many carry an exit fee if you leave early. Your savings will determine whether you’d be better off switching now or waiting until your tariff end date. If you switch away in the final 49 days of your tariff your supplier must waive any cancellation fees, so you don't have to wait.

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Can we send you ocasional money saving emails?